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Evans Senior Concierge • Services


Our mission is to enrich the lives of senior citizens and their families by delivering services that still allows our clients to maintain a life of independence and happiness.


Services We Provide

Our individualized services are tailored to your evolving needs.

Senior black couple in their garden looking to camera

Companionship/ Technology Support

With less physical and social interaction seniors can be prone to mental health disorders such as depression, substance abuse, and anxiety. We can help by providing a helpful, present, and listening hand. It is also important for seniors to know how to operate computers/ smart phones to connect with loved ones who may live far away.

These services include the following:

  • Visiting
  • Reading or telling stories
  • Participating in a brain activity
  • Problem Solving
  • Teaching/ assisting how to use smart phone (text), facetime, web chat, social media, and email.
Close-up image of a shopping cart in the middle of a grocery store isle filled with reusable

Errand Service

Everyone has daily responsibilities and errands to run, but as you get older these tasks may become harder to manage.

Most of these tasks can be handled by one of our team members:

  • Dry Cleaning Drop off/ Pick- up
  • Prescription Drop Off/ Pick – up
  • Personal Shopping, Gift/ Holiday Time
  • Delivering Payments for Bills OR Services
  • Mailing, Shipping, Picking up Packages & mail
cleaning and housekeeping. collection of various sanitary bottles and cleaning tools on solid blue b

Light Housekeeping & Daily Chores

Are daily chores becoming more difficult?

We assist seniors with light housekeeping and daily chores that include laundry, sweeping, dusting, tidying up.


Senior African-American Woman on Christmas

Wellness Care Calls/ Check-Ins

Everyone wants a peace of mind!

We can make daily & weekly calls by our team members for instances such as wake up calls, activity reminders, medication reminders, and wellness check ins, or just a brief friendly phone call.

We can create a monitored plan that best fits our clients and their families.


Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task.

The thought of driving to the store, walking down the aisles, asking for help, loading your basket can be exhausting for some seniors and extremely dangerous.

Not being able to recognize a product’s label or hear a salesclerk can be frustrating. We can assist in making sure seniors need everything to maintain a good and healthy diet, from the shopping, delivering, unloading, and putting the groceries away at home.


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